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supprimer éléments menu vertical

Joseph Replied 6 days, 13 hours ago on December 4th at 9:48am

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supervisor_account Staff

Hi, Gaborit

Apologies for any delayed in response. Please understand that I need to google translate your message and understand it before I can send any response.

So if I am right, you would like to remove the 'Projects' from buddypress user's profile. If so you may have two options:

1. Remove taskbreaker plugin


2. Copy and paste the following CSS code in your customizer:

#projects-personal-li {
    display: none;


gaborit Replied 8 days, 6 hours ago on December 2nd at 5:02pm

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pourquoi pas de réponse.

gaborit started a discussion November 22nd at 3:46pm

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je souhaiterai supprimer des éléments tels que "projets" du menu vertical des utilisateurs de buddypress.

Quel code dois-je modifier j'ai trouver la page home.php et user-navigation.

Mais je n'y arrive pas.



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