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Public Ticket #71

How to update to this 3.o version?

John Mark Jacob (JMJ) Replied 28 days, 13 hours ago on November 6th at 10:22am

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John Mark Jacob (JMJ)

supervisor_account Staff

Hi Treses,

Apologies for late response. We're currently at full capacity right now and our response time is between 3-5 days or may take longer depending on the number of tickets.

You'll just download the theme and upload it to your website and then activate. You can't update from version 2 to 3 as version 2 is using Buddypress legacy template pack while version 3 is using the Nouveau.


Tres eses Replied 29 days, 8 hours ago on November 5th at 4:08pm

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Tres eses

loyalty 1 Ticket

Is anybody answering my questions yet?
3 days already waiting.


Tres eses started a discussion November 1st at 8:58pm

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Tres eses

loyalty 1 Ticket


can´t find any information on your websites on how to update my theme to the 3.0 version...can you help me out with this problem?

Thanks in advance.



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