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Joseph Replied 1 day, 6 hours ago on November 11th at 5:03pm

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Hi, Tamara

Apologies for late response.

If you are using learnpress then you can sell online courses. Here is a video:

Go to wp-admin > settings > subway to configure the visibility of your website. After setting your website to 'private', you can then go to individual page/post types to configure more visibillity options like roles.



Tamara started a discussion November 8th at 3:47pm

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I have taken a look to all information provided by you for the theme, but it's not really extensive. 
I would like my courses to be completely hidden from the outside world. That you can't see any content except the loginpage when you go to certain pages. Also, since people only get access to the course I'm giving once they've paid... the tag "free" (or something else) shouldn't be displayed anymore. How do I deactivate this? 

Thank you in beforehand!

Kind regards, 



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