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Public Ticket #67

Side Navigation

tony chevalier Replied 1 month, 11 days ago on October 23rd at 1:44pm

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tony chevalier

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like ??

var $sidenav_toggle = $('#page-sidebar-menu > a > .toggle');
var $sidenav_toggle_open = $sidenav_toggle( display... );
if ( $sidenav_toggle_open === true )
$(this).append('<span class="toggle material-icons">keyboard_arrow_down</span>');
$(this).append('<span class="toggle material-icons">keyboard_arrow_right</span>');

tony chevalier started a discussion October 23rd at 1:08pm

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tony chevalier

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there is a problem with the Side Navigation:
the expanded menus keep a "keyboard_arrow_right"
this is handled in the thrive.js file with this code:[Click to Download Attachment]

// Side Navigation
$.each( $('#page-sidebar-menu > a'), function(){

How to put a condition here "if" so that it puts a keyboard_arrow_down when the menu is open?
because when reloading the menu it resets everything to keyboard_arrow_right when you click on a sub menu

if toggle open
$(this).append('<span class="toggle material-icons">keyboard_arrow_downs</span>');
else toggle close
$(this).append('<span class="toggle material-icons">keyboard_arrow_right</span>');

var $sidenav_toggle = $('#page-sidebar-menu > a > .toggle');
// quand on clique sur litem du menu.


var $toggle = $( this );

// Change icon.
if ( $toggle.text().trim() === 'keyboard_arrow_right' )


} else {



// Toggle Menu.
var $sub_menu = $( '> .sub-menu', $(this).parent().parent() );
// Si submenu a la classe active (il est ouvert) et que l'on clique => on ferme .
if ( $sub_menu.hasClass('active') ) {
//on ferme

} else {
$( $sub_menu ).addClass('active');
//on ouvre


best regards

Tony Chevalier

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