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Public Ticket #53

Theme will not show WP Bakery Slider or Carousel

John Mark Jacob (JMJ) Replied 29 days ago on October 1st at 3:42pm

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John Mark Jacob (JMJ)

supervisor_account Staff

Hi Rick,

We are pushing update to WPBakery in the next version. This should resolve the issue. The update will be available next week.


Rick Felty started a discussion September 30th at 9:30pm

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Rick Felty

loyalty 4 Tickets

The them shows the Theme WP Bakery Slider or Carousel when its being edited but will not show WP Bakery Slider or Carousel after the edit is made live.  It attempts to load, but does not show.  I have disabled all of the plugins except WPBakery and it still will not load.  I have then tried another WP theme and it works as its supposed to.  

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