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John Mark Jacob (JMJ) Replied 1 day, 20 hours ago on September 18th at 4:59am

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John Mark Jacob (JMJ)

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Hi Jadem

Looks like you are using a very outdated version of PHP. I strongly suggest you update to what WordPress is suggestion. You may contact your hosting provider and kindly tell them to update the version of the PHP for you.


Jade Ottema started a discussion August 25th at 3:14pm

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Jade Ottema

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hi I want to use this on our local intranet site. its having a fatal error, I;'m using a older PHP on a my cloud NAS. 

fatal error:can't use funcition return value in write context in / mnt/hd/hd_a2/Nas_prog/wordpress/wordpress/wp-content/themes/thrive-nouveau/incl/templae_tages.php on line 632

is there a way to fix it?  or can I get my money back

best Regards, Jade


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