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sign in page does not work

Joseph Replied 19 days, 15 hours ago on September 30th at 2:02am

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supervisor_account Staff

Hi, Andreas

May I know what do you mean by "hi i have deleted the users that were already in you theme". The theme does not handle any users at all. It is handled by WordPress. Maybe the page that was deleted were owned by deleted users?

The login form is handle by subway plugin. Uninstalling it would prevent the login form from displaying. You can use alternative plugins like to display the login form


Andreas Replied 20 days, 18 hours ago on September 28th at 10:41pm

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loyalty 4 Tickets

sorry just to clarify i have also had to disable the subway plug in as i was not able too get into wordpress

Andreas started a discussion September 28th at 10:39pm

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hi i have deleted the users that were already in you theme and now the sign in page and other pages have stopped working? any idea how i can fix this im not sure why it has caused the sign in page to stop working


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