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Sub menu items hover instead of click

Joseph Replied 14 days, 7 hours ago on October 5th at 10:15am

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supervisor_account Staff

That is weird. I'm going to check with mailgun to see what the issue is. Thanks for reporting :) 

Jack Replied 17 days, 7 hours ago on October 2nd at 9:42am

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Thank you very much that worked :) I have had to reply using a new account as I am not receiving your emails. My email host has said the below so you are aware...

550 The email sent from by was rejected by the receiving server as the senders domain does not have a valid A and/or MX record. Please go to for more information.


Joseph Replied 22 days, 15 hours ago on September 27th at 2:04am

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supervisor_account Staff

Hi, Jack

Its not currently available in theme options but you can achieve it by using the CSS and Javascript code below:


@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
  .dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu {
    display: block;


$('.dropdown-toggle').click(function(e) {
  if ($(document).width() > 768) {

    var url = $(this).attr('href');

    if (url !== '#') {
      window.location.href = url;


You can paste those code in your child-theme's stylesheet and javascript file.


Jack started a discussion September 26th at 10:08am

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hi how can i make sub menu items show on hover instead of click using header style 2? 


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