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Issues with customizing theme and plugin conflict

Joseph Replied 26 days, 17 hours ago on September 22nd at 11:29pm

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supervisor_account Staff

Hi, Daniel

You can go to Themeforest page and click the "Renew" button. Please see screenshot below:

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Regarding HTTP Error, can you please provide more details like screenshot?


Daniel Replied 29 days, 22 hours ago on September 19th at 6:37pm

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Hi Joseph,

I need some support from you regarding Buddykit. A few weeks ago I gave the plugin to WP Kraken to resolve bugs. Now since the new Buddykit update, when I want to upload pics, it does start to upload but then the pic disappears again and it says HTTP error. Do I need to renew my licence in order to receive support from you or do you offer extra Developper support?

Could you please send me the link where I can renew my support for Thrive Nouveau?

Thank you.



Joseph Replied 1 month ago on September 18th at 10:38pm

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supervisor_account Staff

Hi, Jo van Osch

1. The css selector you enter is very general, you should specify it more. For example, instead of the given css code, try the following:

body .single .entry-head .entry-title {
    color: red;

2. Yes, you may deactivate kirki after finishing with customizations

3. We will add more in-depth tutorial soon :)

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jo van Osch started a discussion September 18th at 1:27pm

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Jo van Osch

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1. I'm trying to change the colour of my headers which I don't think can be achieved using the Kirki plugin customizer, so I used the custom CSS section. 

h1 {
color: #57566d; text-align: center;

The text alignment does work, however, the header colour stays black.

2. I'm using the Snap Orbital customizer plugin add-on for Learndash, unfortunately, this causes a conflict with Kirki. When I'm done with the customisation of the site I suppose I can deactivate Kirki and then use the other plugin for the Learndash customisations as a work-around? 

3. Is there a more in-depth knowledgebase? I can only see the basics.

Kind regards,



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