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Create Groups Button is Missing

Joseph Replied 4 months, 25 days ago on July 15th at 5:46am

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supervisor_account Staff

Hi, John

If you could provide exactly where you want to point the button then I might be able to help you with small CSS codes


John Yaney Replied 5 months ago on July 10th at 3:17pm

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John Yaney

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I found where the button is located and the search bar where people can find groups but I have a new problem. The place where it is located is in a very awkward spot. Is there a way where I can change where the create group button and groups search bar is located? I have no idea what I can do. Any advise would be fantastic! thank you so much

John Yaney started a discussion July 10th at 1:55pm

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John Yaney

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Hi there!

I just installed buddypress so I'm new to the whole thing. But when I dowloaded it and went to the group tab I couldn't find a "create group" button anywhere. I have all of the settings correct. For example, I have the setting selected that makes it so every user can create a group but that hasn't worked. I did some research and i saw that it could be possible that it was the theme that was the problem. Thats when I decided to download and install Klein - A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme. Although after purchasing it, there still is no "create group" button. One thing that confuses me is that when I click on the group page then type "create" at the end of the URL it takes me to where I can create a group. This may not be helpful for you guys and it may not even be solved by you guys. But any help and information would be amazing! Thanks so much.


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