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Login redirect issues

Tam Lawrence Replied 24 days, 4 hours ago on February 24th at 10:50am

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Tam Lawrence

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I need either my money back or I need to work with someone to fix the issues this theme is providing THRIVE I can be reached at for access to the site 

Tam Lawrence Replied 24 days, 7 hours ago on February 24th at 7:41am

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Tam Lawrence

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 I recently purchased the Thrive theme and it's having a few issue one is that I can't submit a ticket to get help. Another, the event area continues to retrieve an error message, the front page does not have an option for members to pay as stated on the product page. I need help with this 

Damien started a discussion February 15th at 10:16am

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Hope you're well?

We are having intermittent issues with the login redirect when testing within Chrom incognito. We were able to reproduce the error that our customers are experiencing(see link below for video)

Once the user logs in they are supposed to be redirected

Do you know why this might be happening and how to stop it?

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help.



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