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Strange view since last update The Events Calendar plugin

Sinyster Replied 1 month, 8 days ago on January 11th at 2:21pm

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Hi, im having the same issue and the staff its not responding, its not the plugin because i use it in another theme and works properly, i think its a css issue with the theme, anyway my fast solution that i literally just made its to put this css code in the custom css section to hide the filters bar, i hope it work for you guys, i know this is a temporary solution but im gonna still working on the css code to see if im able to fix it:






Bruno Machado Replied 2 months, 2 days ago on December 17th at 8:59pm

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Bruno Machado

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I have exactly the same issue, but  believe the issue is related to the plugin itself.

I disabled all plugins execpt the events calendar and the layout issue remains in every default wordpress theme.

Do let me know if you find a solution please.


Ben Balvers started a discussion November 29th at 7:19am

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Ben Balvers

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Hi, since the last update of The Events Calender plugin my calender looks really strange (see attachment).

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I have to click on 'hide evenementen search' (left top corner) to make it look normal. If i go to the setting page of The Events Calender plugin and click: 'hide event search' it wil make it even more strange. See right top corner of attachment 2:

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 Please tell me how this can be fixed and look normal.

Regards, Ben


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