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How to remove completed tasks in 'my recent tasks' widget

Ben Balvers started a discussion December 2nd at 7:08am

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Ben Balvers

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Hi, can you please look again at my previous ticket that i've started months ago: 'Not possible to assign user to project in edit mode (anymore)'. I need this bug fixed asap because we can't use it before it is fixed. You guys promised me two times that it would be fixed in the update on the next week. But noting happend.. there was no update released so i keep asking. Please help me with this issue!

Beside that we need help with two other issues:

1. How can we remove the completed tasks out of the 'My recent tasks' widget? Our users look at their 'My recent tasks' widget for there to do list (tasks) that they are assigned to. But when they complete the task it is still visible in the 'My recent tasks' widget. We know there is the option of deleting the task but that will change % the progress bar of the projects. And we (the admins) need an overview of the progress of the projects. so please help us with this issue of removing the completed tasks from the 'My recent tasks' widget.

2. Is it possible to filter the tasks on priority, date, client or group?

Beside these 3 issues we really love this theme, so keep up the good work!


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