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Reid Bloomfield Replied 18 days, 9 hours ago on January 4th at 12:44am

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Reid Bloomfield

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Just an update. So I figured out which activity page was extra and deleted it. I'm still trying to understand how to edit the information in the middle though. It looks like most of it is built into the theme.


One thing I'd like to do is to remove the "Forum" button shown below. I found where I can rearrange them, but not delete/add.

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Reid Bloomfield started a discussion January 4th at 12:45am

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Reid Bloomfield

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I have two "Activity" pages now. One shows nothing in the middle section and the other shows content but I can't figure out how to edit that content. I only see widgets for the sidebars and footer, but not the main content.


Any help would be great.






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